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Welcome to our Trending Page.  Here, we dish out the freshest trends hotter than a summer bouquet.  Whether you're into classic arrangements or edgy designs, we've got you covered.  Feeling inspired?  Want to chat about how to bring these trends to your next event?  Hit us up! We're all ears and rentals.

Get ready to tie up your décor game with the latest trend of bows on candles! Elevate your space with a touch of elegance and whimsy as bows take center stage in candle décor. Whether adorning your dining table, sprucing up your mantel, or adding a romantic flair to your event, bows on candles bring a charming twist to any setting. From delicate ribbons to statement bows, the possibilities are endless. Embrace this trend and watch as your space transforms into a scene straight out of a fairytale. Ready to add a bow-tiful touch to your décor? Let's get creative together!



C H A M P A G N E    T O W E R 

Raise your glass to the epitome of luxury and celebration with the hottest trend of the season: champagne towers!  Elevate any event, big or small, with the timeless glamour and spectacle of a champagne tower. Picture-perfect and oh-so-chic, these cascading displays of effervescence are stealing the spotlight at weddings, parties, and glamorous gatherings everywhere.  Whether you're toasting to love, success, or simply the joy of life, a champagne tower adds an unforgettable touch of opulence and grandeur. Ready to take your event to new heights?  Let's make your champagne dreams a sparkling reality!


D I S C O   B A L L S

Get ready to turn up the sparkle and shine with the ultimate party essential: disco balls!  From retro vibes to modern-day glam, disco balls are stealing the show and setting the dance floor on fire.  Whether you're hosting a groovy themed bash or adding a touch of dazzle to your event, disco balls bring the funk and fun to any space.  Watch as the light catches and dances off these shimmering orbs, creating an atmosphere that's electric and full of energy.  Ready to disco your way into the spotlight?  Let's get this party started and light up the night with disco fever!

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