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Michelle Hale

Meet Michelle, the powerhouse behind Sage Hill Rentals.  With a work ethic that knows no bounds and an analytical mind that thrives on organization (borderline OCD, maybe?), she's the driving force behind our seamless operations.  But don't let her disciplined demeanor fool you; behind the scenes, she's a witty, personable force of nature, effortlessly balancing her role as a loving mother to her daughter.  Roasting people may be her love language, but whether she's crunching numbers or trekking through nature, Michelle brings her unique blend of determination and humor to everything she does, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of working with her.

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For direct communication with Michelle, please reach out via email, her preferred method of contact.  Whether it's discussing potential partnerships, business inquiries, vendor coffee dates, or anything related to Sage Hill Rentals, she looks forward to connecting with you!


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