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Leah Evans

Introducing Leah, an integral member of our team at Sage Hill Rentals.  Embracing her role as an Associate Event Assistant, Leah infuses our team with her creativity and passion for event planning and design.  Joining us through her connection with the owners, Leah brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to every task she undertakes.  With her love for Alani Nu energy drinks and her loyal Australian Shepherd, Axel, by her side, Leah's vibrant personality and deep knowledge of the Columbus area, thanks to her alma mater Ohio State University, add a special touch to our team dynamic.  As she plans her own wedding for 2026, Leah finds inspiration in every interaction with our clients and vendors, eager to apply new ideas and insights to her own special day.  Smart, creative, and always ready to lend a helping hand, Leah's contributions to Sage Hill extend far beyond deliveries, setups, and teardowns – she's a true asset to our team.

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