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Katy Stephens

Meet Katy, the driving force behind our team at Sage Hill Rentals.  With a heart as expansive as her ever-growing circle of friends, Katy's sweet nature and unwavering dedication infuse every event she touches with warmth and charm.  As our esteemed Team Lead, she exemplifies the essence of a true leader, effortlessly navigating the complexities of our business with diligence and grace.  A seasoned stylist with a keen eye for trendsetting designs, Katy's visionary approach and impeccable taste continually push the boundaries of creativity within Sage Hill Rentals.  Leveraging her extensive background in retail marketing, she brings a wealth of strategic insight and innovation to our brand, propelling us forward with unwavering determination.  Outside the office, Katy finds joy in planning her own upcoming wedding, channeling her passion for organization and meticulous planning into every detail.  Her unwavering loyalty extends to her beloved dog, Sage, (funny right?) as well as to her commitment to personal wellness and enriching travel experiences.  With Katy at the helm, Sage Hill Rentals is poised for continued success and boundless growth.


For direct communication with Katy, please reach out via email, her preferred method of contact. Whether you have questions about our brand, are interested in partnership opportunities, need assistance with event planning, or anything else related to Sage Hill Rentals, Katy looks forward to hearing from you!

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