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  • What is included in delivery?
    Delivery includes delivery, setup, tear down, and pickup. Sage Hill will delivery all rented items to your event location. Sage Hill will setup all rental items. Two dedicated Sage Hill personnel will be dedicated to your event to ensure your event is completed as desired. After the event, Sage Hill will tear down all rented items and remove from the venue once the event is over. Setup occurs between the hours of 10AM - 3PM and teardown and pickup occurs between the hours of 10PM - 12AM. Please inquire if your setup or teardown falls outside of this period. SAGE HILL RENTALS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING UP ADDITION DECOR THAT IS PROVIDED BY YOU, UNLESS SPECIFIED IN YOUR CONTRACT.
  • What is a delivery fee?
    The delivery fee is 20% of the total rental amount. This will include delivery, setup of items rented from Sage Hill, teardown of all Sage Hill items, and pickup at the end of the event. Sage Hill Rentals is not responsible for setup of additional decor items, unless specified in your contract for an additional fee. Sage Hill Rentals will send two dedicated individuals to your event to ensure setup and pickup is completed efficiently and effectively. We will work with you and the venue to determine setup and tear down times two weeks before the event date.
  • What is the delivery eligibility minimum?
    The delivery eligibility minimum is in place to offer support to our renters with larger order that need assistance with larger orders. Sage Hill Rentals cannot accommodate delivery for orders under $1,000. If your event location is outside of the 25 mile radius of our office in Dublin, OH, you must spend a minimum of $1,750 to qualify for the delivery option.
  • Does delivery include room flips or moving decor after the ceremony for the reception?
    Delivery does NOT include room flip or rearranging decor after the ceremony. Sage Hill will set up prior to the event and teardown after the event. If you are interested in Sage Hill participating in a room flip, there will be an additional fee. Please inquire on room flip pricing.
  • What if I do not want delivery and prefer to pick up my rental items?
    Sage Hill accommodates customer pickup and it is FREE to pickup your rentals. We allow our clients to pick up as early as the Wednesday before your event and drop off as late as the Tuesday after your event. If you are in need of a wider pick up range, please inquire on availability.
  • Where is the pickup location?
    The pickup location is in Dublin, OH. The pickup address will be provided to you two weeks prior to your pickup period.
  • Will all my rentals fit in my car?
    Sage Hill recommends bringing an SUV or larger vehicle to pick up your rental items. Please note, if you are renting the LOVE marquee letters, bourbon barrels, bourbon barrel bar, or light gray loveseat, we suggest bringing multiple large vehicles. Please reach out prior to pickup if you would like insight on how many vehicles we suggest for your pickup.
  • When is pickup?
    Sage Hill will determine pickup logistics three weeks before your event. Sage Hill expects that you arrive at the pickup location at the time specified and agreed upon between yourself and Sage Hill. Sage Hill accommodates pickup times throughout the week and tries our best to establish times that work for you.
  • What if I miss my pickup timeframe?
    In the event that you miss your pickup timeframe, without notification to Sage Hill, you may be charged a $50 late pickup fee. By signing a contract with Sage Hill, you agree to pickup the rentals items during the agreed upon time between Sage Hill and yourself. For more details, please refer to your contract.
  • What is the 15% service fee for?
    The 15% service fee is applied to all rental orders to cover the cost of secure transactions, product development, product quality evaluation, and customer service. The service fee does not cover lost rentals or gross negligence. The service fee covers normal wear and tear of rentals only.
  • What if I want to cancel my rental booking?
    Sage Hill requires a 50% non-refundable deposit to lock in your date and items. If you opt to cancel your order, Sage Hill will not refund the initial 50% non-refundable deposit, and will terminate the final 50% invoice amount due. If you would like to cancel your order, please inquire via HoneyBook for a cancellation and Sage Hill will process the cancellation.
  • Can I remove items from my order?
    You may opt to remove items from your order, however, if the total order amount falls below the 50% non-refundable deposit, Sage Hill is unable to refund the 50% non-refundable deposit amount.
  • Why does Sage Hill require a 50% non-refundable deposit?
    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to lock in your date and items because Sage Hill is committed to working with brides that are interested in our services. When a cancellation and a 50% non-refundable deposit is forfeited, Sage Hill has likely declined working with fellow bride, who were also interested in those items and event date. Therefore, Sage Hill has implemented a 50% non-refundable deposit to ensure all brides have an even chance at renting the items they would like.
  • What if I damage my rentals?
    In the event that you damage your rentals, Sage Hill will charge a damage fee. The damage fee will be the full price of the item that was damaged. Sage Hill will work with you to ensure that we are being fair on damage fees (i.e. if Sage Hill can replace / fix the damaged item for less, we will only charge you that fee).
  • What will my contract say about damage items?
    "Damage or Loss.​ As permitted given the extent of the law, the Renter will be responsible for risk of theft, damage, loss, or destruction of the Equipment from any and every cause. If while in the Renter's possession the Equipment becomes damaged, the Renter agrees to pay for any and all costs of repair, up to the current value of the Equipment. If while in the Renter's possession, the Equipment becomes lost, the Renter agrees to pay the Owner its current value."
  • Does Sage Hill rent wax candles?
    Sage Hill does not rent real wax candles. If you would like to use real wax candles, you will be in charge of purchasing real wax candles.
  • If I want to use real candles for my decor, what size candle do I need to buy?
    The cylinder vase diameter is approximately 3 inches and that measurement lessens as you get closer to the bottom of the cylinder. In order for the candle to sit flush on the bottom of the cylinder vase the candle needs to have an approximately diameter of 2.75 inches or less. Please plan accordingly.
  • What is a wax candle cleaning fee?
    A wax candle cleaning fee will be added to any orders that plan to use real wax candles. In order to provide our clients with quality rentals, Sage Hill Rentals cleans and removes wax from each cylinder vase. Sage Hill includes this fee due to the time and effort it takes to clean our cylinder vases and remove all pillar candle wax. Sage Hill Rentals calculates their wax cleaning fee by taking the number of cylinder vases and multiplying that by .75 cents.
  • Does Sage Hill's battery operated candles look like real candles?
    Out battery operated candles are a pure white plastic with a cream colored flame. We feel the battery operated candles do a great job mimicking the look of a real candle, without the mess of real candles. Please refer to our Instagram for more photos of the battery operated candles. Additionally, please inquire if you have additional questions.
  • If I'm doing customer pickup, will the greenery wall I rented, fit in my car?
    Each one of Sage Hill's greenery walls will be broken down into two 4ft piece of greenery. The greenery wall will come with a 5ft bag that holds the greenery wall stand. Additionally, you will be given two 1.5ft base weights. All materials for the greenery wall can fit into a car as small as a sedan to a car as large as an SUV, assuming the car if not packed with other large items.
  • How will I know how to setup the greenery wall I rented?
    Sage Hill provides it's customers with a documented instructions sheet for the greenery wall setup. The instructions will be provided to you the week of your event. The instructions are detailed and include photos for convenience.
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