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Greenery Wall Setup

Ensuring a seamless setup of your greenery wall backdrop is essential for creating the perfect atmosphere.  To assist you, please follow the instructions below carefully. If you have any questions or need further guidance regarding the setup of your backdrop, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!


Before you start

Please allocate 30 - 45 minutes for assembly. We strongly advise that assembly is carried out by a minimum of two individuals. Dismantling the greenery wall typically takes around 30 minutes. Rest assured, we will supply zip ties and scissors for both assembly and disassembly.  Decide where you'd like the backdrop and build it there!

Pick Up Details

Your greenery wall package includes essential components for easy setup: a bag for the stand (5ft long, flat), two base weights (1.5ft long, wide, and flat), and two rolls of lush greenery / boxwood (each 4.5ft long, 1ft wide).

Please roll the boxwood, as shown in the image to the left, this way and packaging it back up as received is crucial for future use. Additionally, you'll find a 6ft bag provided to hold the boxwood rolls.


Step 1

Place bases for the stand approximately 8 ft apart.

Step 2

Locate the two poles with a connection indent and place them on top of the feet with the connection indent facing upward.

Step 2.png

Step 3

Locate the two poles with the cross bar holes located at the top and place them on top of the connection indent pole noted in step 2.

Check In

At this point you should have two pieces that look similar to the photo noted here.  They should be roughly 8ft apart.


Step 4

Build the crossbar: The final three poles will be used as the crossbar that goes across the two pieces you've put together thus far.  The crossbar should have two clips shown to the left and those should be on the outside for attaching to the pieces you'd created. 

Hint: If you cannot locate three crossbar poles, check the middle crossbar.  Sometimes the three pole is inside the middle pole.

Step 5

Ensure the crossbar is roughly 8ft long by ensuring you've latched the button clips in the second hole opening, not the first hole opening. 


Step 6

Lay your crossbar to the side, and let's now assemble the greenery wall.

Lay your two halves of boxwood out and align them to mock up the greenery wall while the boxwood is on the ground.  Once you have your pieces of boxwood aligned and making the desired greenery wall design, you will flip the boxwood over displaying the grid backing.

Step 7

Take the supplied zip ties and route zip ties through the grid paneling to connect your two pieces of boxwood to form the 8ft wall.

Teardown Tip: When routing the zip ties through, leave a wider space for easily cutting of the zip ties once teardown time arrives.


Step 8

With your boxwood connected and ready to attach to the stand, lay the stand down on the parameter of the boxwood (excluding the bottom), and zip tie the boxwood parameter to the frame stand.

Start the zip tying at the top corners and go across, then down.

Pro Tip: leave roughly 1 foot from bottom of stand with no zip ties to allow for the boxwood to sit on top of the base weights once added.

Step 9

Once the boxwood is attached to the top, and both sides, use two individuals to stand the wall upward.

Pro Tip: If your backdrop is in front of a window or light - use the provided tarp to block any light from coming through the wall.  You will zip tie this to the backdrop stand.  Do not zip tie the bottom of the tarp until your neon sign is hung.

LRA-Photo-Smith-Wedding-Sneak-Peeks-57 (6).jpg

Step 10

Place the two base weights on each foot and straighten out the wall however you need to.

Connecting a Neon Sign?

Hold your neon sign up to the backdrop to determine placement.  Have the second individual route zip ties through the neon sign acrylic holes AND the boxwood panel.  Go to the back side of the backdrop and tighten zip ties for secure holding of the neon sign.

Pro Tip
: Fish the zip ties through the boxwood from the back to ensure the zip tie is as hidden as possible.

Bridgerton_113 (1).jpg


& you're finished!  Now it's time to enjoy.

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