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Alicia Kelley

Introducing Alicia, the heart and soul of Sage Hill Rentals.  With her caring nature and friendly leadership style, she effortlessly fosters meaningful connections with vendors and clients alike.  A true foodie and reality TV enthusiast, Alicia's love for life shines through in every interaction.  While she may encounter unexpected challenges, Alicia's adaptability and quick thinking ensure that every situation is met with grace and efficiency.  Behind her warm smile lies a powerhouse of intuition and intelligence, guiding Sage Hill Rentals to new heights. When she's not busy running the show, Alicia cherishes moments with her daughter and her lively family, whose infectious energy mirrors her own zest for life.


For direct communication with Alicia, please reach out via email, her preferred method of contact. Whether it's exploring new vendor partnerships, coordinating vendor open houses, scheduling coffee meetups, or anything else related to Sage Hill Rentals, she eagerly anticipates connecting with you!

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